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 BRIEF: DESIGN FOR WHAT MATTERS "For the second semester of fourth year, I participated in the Braun Prize 2018 competition. The brief set by the Braun team was simply "Design for What Matters", leaving it open to each individual to identify a worthy topic that they felt mattered. I immediately began researching current events, looking specifically at disasters and their effect on the affected communities. I became fully engrossed in the project after speaking to experts in my chosen research area and loved having total freedom to develop a useful solution. For entry into the competition I created a full scale model and an accompanying video demonstrating its use to go along with the required sheets."
50,000 babies are expected to be born in Rohingyan refugee camps in Bangladesh in 2018. Limited resources and crowded conditions mean newborns are at high risk of disease and infection. Newborns need a clean, safe place to sleep as well as to be in close contact with their parents. Parents often need to carry their baby for long distances, alongside their other belongings.


THE ALL-IN-ONE BACKPACK IMPROVING CHILD-CARE IN REFUGEE CAMPS babo is an all-in-one backpack that offers users the option to carry around their baby in the attached carrier, or remove the strap structure to use the main body of the backpack as a crib. Incorporating all these features into the form of a robust backpack gives versatility to an already useful item. Made from ripstop nylon, the backpack is durable and water-resistant.
Crib Carrier Backpack Backpack + Carrier