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 BRIEF: CREATE A PRODUCT TO HELP PEOPLE EATING AND DRINKING WHILE STANDING AT EVENTS "Each person was assigned their own event to design for; I was given corporate events. The main function of the product had to be to enable people attending these sort of events to easily eat/drink while also encouraging social interaction. This project had an interesting twist half-way through... Each member of the class had to hand over their work to a peer and in turn receive someone else's project and continue its development. Initially challenging as some people's work was further developed than others, it turned into an interesting project overall as the continuation using someone else's style and ideas was fun yet challenging."
The initial stage of the project was to come up with concepts in response to the brief. After interviewing caterers, regular corporate event attendees, and attending a corporate event myself, I understood that some of the most common issues lay in having to rely on having a table nearby to put stuff on. Another common problem was people struggling to get themselves involved in conversation with other attendees i.e. networking. I therefore sought to design a product that would be easy to hold while also forcing/encouraging people to mingle.
The concept I wanted to take further was the "lock box" idea. The premise was simple - attendees were given a key and a locked box containing their food upon arrival. However their given key does not fit their given box and they therefore need to work with other attendees to find the key that fits their box.
[images handed over from a classmate]
I was then given a concept from a classmate to further develop. Their idea was a tray that a drink could slot into underneath for use at social events. I set to work sketching out my own interpretations of their concept, as well as rapid prototyping.
Deciding that having a plate with the cup attached underneath was silly because you couldn't put it down without tipping, I decided to focus on ideas that would be a plate attached to a cup instead.
This concept was further refined as a 3D CAD model using Solidworks.
With the design finalised, the finished product was presented to my peers and I got the opportunity to see what my own initial concept was developed into.