C M Projects Mr. WOLF
 BRIEF: DESIGN AND PRODUCE TEN IDENTICAL PRODUCTS TO BE SOLD IN THE GSA GIFT SHOP "Perhaps the most difficult brief I have been presented with to date, this project was very challenging yet very enjoyable! Having to not only design something, but then be able to produce it to an exceptionally high standard and at a reasonable cost made for an interesting project. I decided to settle early on on a product and give myself lots of time to develop and prototype and refine. The entire project lasted ten weeks and I am pleased to say that the Mister Wolf clocks were successfully sold after the project ended!"
The original piece of Lime Wood was bought for £15 from a local timber shop. A bandsaw was then used to cut three slabs roughly an inch thick. From the three slabs, 14 approximately square shapes were measured and cut using the bandsaw yet again. This ensured the minimum requirement of ten identical products was reached, leaving some spare clocks and offcuts to be used for prototyping. [THE FOURTEEN CLOCK BODIES PRODUCED] Each body had to then be sanded and waxed. Additionally a housing for the clock mechanism had to be routered in the back of the clocks as well as drilling a hole for the clock hands to attach to the mechanism.
After sketching out initial ideas, paper prototypes for hands were created and fitted to a prototype clock body. The designs were then further refined and eventually three laser-cut prototypes were compared and people asked to choose their favourite from the options. The selected hand design was then laser cut (enough for 14 clocks). A colour scheme was decided upon and layers of coloured tape were carefully applied to leave a smooth matte finish.
Clock mechanisms were fitted to each clock body and the hands were attached. [TWELVE CLOCKS PRODUCED IN TOTAL] A sleeve with the "Mister Wolf" branding plus additional information was designed. Each clock was then carefully packaged ready for sale.