BRIEF: DESIGN AND BUILD A FUNCTIONING GAMES CONSOLE USING A RASPBERRY PI "I bought a raspberry pi with the intention of learning how to code and program on it. I then realised that a far more practical (and fun!) use would be to learn how to turn it into a games console to run retro video games on e.g. N64, SNES. To house the components, I wanted to design a compact console using an old amplifier I had lying around. The project is ongoing due to time and money constraints, but I have presented the premise of the project to the GUSwitch society who aim to encourage people to learn how to code."
[assembling all of the necessary components to begin installation of the RetroPie program]
Retropie is a program created specifically for use on a Raspberry Pi module that allows users to install games consoles and games to their 'Pi. It is open source and allows users to input their own desired settings easily. The total time taken for this process was around one hour. More games and consoles can easily be saved to a memory card then transferred to the Raspberry Pi.
[testing out the RetroPie console at a university event. The console itself still requires some work before it is fully functioning. However, the working prototype can be seen in the bottom left corner.] I also wrote a blog about this project. It can be found by clicking here. up next: RETAIL THERAPY