The Perfect Beer How to pour a good beer - from the glass shape to the keg to the tap.
Present Taking a look at the range of musical instruments commonly found in modern day and how they've progressed. Future Predicting what the future of musical instruments, with developing technologies and new materials available.
Timeline A visual representation of the most relevant time periods and landmarks in musical history that influence instruments of the time
Past Exploring the history of music production and performance, looking at instruments and their development. Being Human Investigating the world of prosthetics and how they take advantage of new materials and technology.
Week Nine - D&T In which award-winning jeweller Silvia Weidenbach speaks about blending the traditional with the contemporary in design.
Week Eight - D&T Tom Inns, the director of GSA, talking about "Understanding Design's Role Within Business By Understanding Strategic Intent". Week Ten - D&T Hugh Pizey - fourth year PDE tutor - talks about putting on exhibitions as well as some of his favourite design topics.
Red Dot Awards Selecting my favourite winners and discussing whether or not the awards are important and hold any relevance.
Packs for the Back Looking at the broad variety of backpack styles available and how to best design for the human body. Week Seven - D&T Listening to designer Rachel Sleight give a lecture on "What Design Practice Means to Me" and the design industry.
Week Five - D&T In which we present a Pichi Kichi (10 slides; 10 seconds each) on a given designer. I present on Natalie Jeremijenko.
Week Four - D&T Attending a lecture from PDE graduate (class of 1991) David Law about "Cultivating Your Inner Entrprenuer". Week Six - D&T Learning the importance of approximate calculations in design from PDE tutor Ben Craven.
Week Three - D&T In which we are presented to by department head, Craig Whittet, about the "Demise of Skilled Manufacturing".
10 Principles of Good Design Discussing Dieter Ram's legendary ten principles and their influence on modern design. Week Two - D&T Watching a documentary about Eames, and also hearing a talk from model-maker, Michel Aroutcheff.
The Importance of a Nice Box Appreciating a pleasant unboxing experience, from the branding to the design to the box.
How to Design a City With a focus on Glasgow City Centre, I look at how grid-systems benefit modern society. Week One - D&T Screening 'Underkastelsen', a Swedish documentary about the effect of plastic on the human body and future generations.
Dyslexie The recently developed font created specifically for people with dyslexia.
The Ultimate Cup of Coffee A closer look at the progression of brewing coffee at home using specialist equipment. The Future of Smartphones My opinion on the recent trends emerging in smartphone design, specifically looking at bezel-less screens.
The Complexity of Materials Reflecting on 'The Toaster Project' and the complex world of materials.
The 'RetroPie' Project Thoughts from attending and presenting at the first GUSwitch society event. What Makes Great Design? Discussing the difference between great design and great engineering.
London Design Week 2017 Thoughts from exhibitions and events held in London during Design Week 2017.